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veteran1-461123_200x200A veteran himself, Kerry is committed to giving veterans the best care possible.
As an infantry rifleman in Vietnam and a soldier who served in Iraq in 2007, I know first-hand what our veterans go through.
In fact, due to a fractured vertebra that I suffered in Iraq, I am considered 70% disabled.
In Congress, I will fight tirelessly to improve veterans’ care and give veterans more choices.
We have an epidemic of suicides among veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.  We also have an epidemic of homelessness among veterans.  It is clear that changes are needed.
For example, our veterans need better health care, including mental care, and we need to find a system that will provided the needed benefits at the best cost.
I support efforts to strengthen the VA by empowering veterans to choose where they can use benefits they earned by risking their lives for us.  Each veteran should be entitled to the care they deserve and should be allowed to go to different providers at their choosing.
My opponent claims that “voucherizing” veterans’ care “will not happen on [his] watch.”  Guess what?  It happened and veterans can now receive permission to seek alternative care, unfortunately, the application approval process can take up to 90 days!  This is unacceptable and must be improved!
I will support both efforts to strengthen the VA and to allow veterans to opt for a voucher for any solution they deem better.
To say one will not permit veterans to voluntarily opt for a voucher in a timely manner is simply to say veterans should be given no choice but what the government will give them on the government’s schedule? Our veterans have had to settle with what the government has given them for too long.
We owe them more, and we owe them more choices.  Plain and simple.


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