There are NO retirement benefits for members of Congress who served less than 5 years.

Retirement after reaching age 65 is based on the following formula: 1% of pay times years of service. 1% of $174,000 is $1,750. $1,750 times 6 years (or three terms) is $10,440.00 divided by 12 monthly payments is $840.00 per month. The information that members of congress get retirement for life after one term is a common misconception. Health insurance benefits are the same for any federal employee and upon obtaining office members of Congress can select (like every federal employee) from a number of health insurance companies or HMO’s. It became a subsidised program for members of congress and staff under House Administration Chairman Candice Miller R (MI). Members of congress can pay an additional fee to cover use of the Medical facility inside the Capitol run by Navy Corpsman and Doctors. Upon seeking medical assistance from the Capitol building medical facility the first thing you do after pleasantries is hand them your insurance card. I paid the extra fee to acquire or fulfill my personal doctor’s (my doctor for 40 years) prescriptions. As a member of congress I selected to sign on to use my wife’s insurance. She works at Providence Hospital as an RN and her insurance was better than any offered members of Congress, Federal employees and Congressional Staff. The only benefit myself or Trott will receive for serving less than 5 years is access to the floor of Congress (but can not lobby on the floor) and use of the congressional gym (you can lobby inside the gym). I suspect trott will follow in the footsteps of former Ldr Eric Canter and become a Wall Street Lobbyist at a similar salary of $3 million a year (it is why he spent $2.4 plus million in the primary election to purchase the seat). His bill H.R.2947 – Financial Institution Bankruptcy Act of 2016 which passed the House will ensure his ability to become a Wall Street Banker lobbyist which he will be able to do after one year of leaving office (it is illegal to lobby within one year of leaving office). His best Bill, in my opinion, and I commend him on it, is H.R.3694 – Strategy To Oppose Predatory Organ Trafficking Act. It was a major issue of mine and I spoke on it at an international group of religious leaders in March, 2013 in Taiwan and held numerous Round Tables and discussions on the issue of the illegal Black market of Organ Harvesting in China and elsewhere. I hope my explanation allows you better insight and understanding of the benefits of service. BTW, as a veteran of 27 years with foreign service in Vietnam and Iraq I may receive lifetime health insurance from the Veterans Administration and as a injured veteran from my non-combat related neck injury in Iraq I received a 50% disability rating and $830.00 per month. It has since been upgraded to 70%. I fell off a road into a ditch during a night rocket attack suffering a hair line fracture in my neck which was discovered two months later. (I do not remember the rocket attack but a Army buddy who helped me out of the ditch explained it to me two years later after a funeral of a young fellow soldier who died of cancer and buried at Great Lakes in Holly.)


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