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Right to Bear Arms

“I am a former military Master Gunner, trained by the Fort Sill, OK, School of Artillery and the 82nd Airborne, a military firearms instructor and I started our unit’s competitive marksmanship team which won more than 12 awards during my tenure.  I was awarded the Governor’s Twenty for ‘combat pistol,’ trained in SWAT by experienced SWAT County Sheriff deputies and Israeli special forces.  I received the Bronze Award for ‘combat pistol’ from the Fort Benning, GA School of Infantry.  I was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge for my service as an infantry rifleman in Vietnam.  My position on Gun Control is well known.  It begins with my legs shoulder width apart, a firm grip, but trigger squeeze sight picture and breathing have much to do with it too!”   Rep. Bentivolio, October 2012.

“It is the duty of every honest citizen to be well trained in the safe handling of firearms.  I am endorsed by the NRA and Gun Owners of America because I believe every citizen should be trained in the safe handling of firearms.  I will not make it mandatory, as citizens have a right to not own one nor be trained in the safe use of firearms, much to their peril.”    Rep Bentivolio, July 2013.

“The mentally ill should not own a firearm.  Who determines who and who isn’t mentally ill?  And what forms of mental illness should prevent ownership?  I can not trust the government to do it especially when the Federal government permits, funds and trains regulatory agencies, like the Department of Education and EPA to use SWAT teams to enforce their regulations?  That’s crazy!”  Rep. Bentivolio, May 2014.

“Yes, I am an original co-sponsor on the Bill written by the gentleman from Utah preventing federal regulatory agencies from having SWAT teams or owning automatic rifles to enforce regulations.  SWAT teams are for Law Enforcement not regulatory enforcement.  My country is NOT a police state. Yet!”  Rep. Bentivolio, June 2014

2ndamendment200As Congressman, Kerry Bentivolio will continue be a champion of the Second Amendment, and will defend and restore our constitutional rights at every turn.

The Second Amendment states that  ”the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  This is the law of the land, and every representative in Congress should be compelled by the Oath of Office to honor its wisdom.
The 2nd Amendment is a vital amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  It protects the right to bear arms both for self-defense and for sporting purposes.
As Congressman, I pledge never to vote to infringe on the 2nd Amendment, and do all possible to restore lost rights.


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