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Protecting Life

“Our history tells us the Plantation slave owners believed slaves were not human to justify slavery and we fought a civil war over it.  The Nazis justified killing millions because they believed Jews, Gypsies and other undesirables were less than human.  As an abolitionist I believe no person has a right to own another person, nor do I support the killing of innocent people for ANY purpose, including capital punishment.  It is surprising to me, in our civilized society, how people use the same logic the plantation owners and Nazis used to justify the killing of an innocent baby in the womb.  I am perplexed as to what is the right thing in cases of rape and incest after I was informed the victims of the hideous crime have a higher rate of suicide than soldiers suffering from PTSD.  I can not support the making of another victim because the father is a felon, nor can I come to terms with what a female rape victim must experience.  My heart is broken and goes out to them.  I wish I had the wisdom of Solomon and courage of King David. My honest answer is just that, an honest answer.”   Rep. Bentivolio, June 2013. (recently on his Facebook Page “Team Kerry Bentivolio“)

lifeKerry pledges to continue to defend life in Congress and has been endorsed by Right to Life Federal and Michigan PAC in his 2013 election.

I support the right to life and liberty for that life. Without life, there can be no liberty.
In congress, I will fight to prevent religious institutions from being forced to provide abortion or
abortion coverage as part of a federal mandate. I will never vote to allow the federal government to subsidize abortion providers, or for foreign aid that supports abortion in other nations.


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