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Our Constitutional Republic


You know how to run your life better than the federal government does.

Yet the federal government has an incredible amount of influence over our lives, and it is only getting more intrusive.
The 10th Amendment of the US Constitution makes it clear that the Federal Government is not all-powerful.  It has limits.
In particular, any right that the Federal Government has not been explicitly granted is reserved for either the States or the people.
Our founders clarified this so that the Federal Government would not create so much inertia that we would lose the independent identities of the several States and so that we would not lose the ability to use the States as laboratories for legal experimentation.
Yet, inertia has won out . . . for now.
Activist judges have artificially increased the supposed meaning of the Commerce Clause and other powers to create an unimaginable scope of federal control.
Our founders would be appalled by the ever increasing size and scope of centralized interference in our lives.
As a Congressman, I will scrutinize legislation that abuses the commerce power or other federal powers.  I will seek to return more power to the States and to the people.
I will seek to return power to the states, and to the people, where it belongs.
And,  I will do all possible to persuade the Senate to vet judicial candidates carefully to ensure they understand and appreciate the limits of federal power under the 10th Amendment.


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