Thanks to the Mighty 11th for putting together their candidate forum and to so many for showing up! It was fantastic to connect with voters of Michigan’s 11th Congressional District in person and answer the tough questions with my 2 of my opponents. (2 others were no shows or did not understand the importance of this event.) Those who were present received a copy of our “Classified Operational Plan.” We will continue

to rally our grassroots army.

Thank you also to those who continue to support us with your time, prayers, effort and money. We know that ‘boots-on-the-ground’ gets votes and the dollars keep the material printed and my staff fed.

Our regular “Ask Kerry Anything” series are usually held on Friday afternoons at 12:30pm and give you a chance to ask me anything! Check our Facebook events page for registration information. Or host your own at a time that works best for you: Call 248-242-5804 to set it up, then invite your friends and neighbors to ask questions or dive deep into a few issues.