2nd Amendment

Of all our rights and privileges as citizens of the United States, there is probably no other as hotly debated as the Second Amendment.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

This amendment is simply stated, short and to the point.Congressman Bentivolio since taking his oath when joining the military then again as a United States Congressman will always defend this precious document as it is written.  


For far too long Attorney’s, Judges, and various organizations have tortured the English language on the subject of abortion. They give this practice names like ‘pro-choice, women’s health options,’ and other sanitized descriptions.

The hard truth is, this is a child and at times that human child is 7-8 and 9 months old when physicians slaughter the child as a matter of convenience for the mother.

Congressman Kerry Bentivolio believes that many of these horrific acts could be prevented with more options for the young mother who feels trapped. The Congressman seeks to create a national discussion about these options such as homes that care for young mothers who have no other options.

Because of the Congressman’s deep abiding Christian faith, Congressman Bentivolio is a strong supporter of creating safety nets for women and will always support life over this tragedy known as abortion. We must do more to protect the innocent and those who cannot defend themselves.

Human Trafficking

As part of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee for the 113th Congress Congressman Kerry Bentivolio worked to identify and bring to justice federal employees and political operatives engaged in human trafficking of minors, child pornography and sexual assaults and misconduct.

Congressman Kerry Bentivolio is the only candidate running in the 11th District who signed a Pledge to fulfill his Oath to Protect and Defend the U. S. Constitution and enforce ZERO TOLERANCE for any religious group or a theocracy that promotes or sanctions criminal activity such as:

Human Trafficking
Female Genital Mutilation
Honor Violence
No-fault Rape
Child Marriage
Mass Murder
Extreme Punishment for Apostasy and Blasphemy

Congressman Kerry Bentivolio has and will demand even-handed enforcement of the law by fully trained investigators, prosecutors, judges and jurists.  In addition, Congressman Kerry Bentivolio will insist that people who work with women and children are fully trained to recognize indicators of religious or theocratic sanctioned crimes.

Children should be fully protected from bad actors on our streets, in our shopping malls, in their own homes and in the classroom.

Health Care

In 2013, Congressman Bentivolio introduced legislation that would have rolled back the government mandate that ‘all Americans’ had to purchase healthcare insurance or be fined by the Internal Revenue Service. Today, President Trump has done this. But we still have Obamacare or large forms of it ingrained in our healthcare system.

Congressman Bentivolio believes that “ALL AMERICANS” should have access to quality healthcare. However, Universal healthcare is simply unaffordable for the United States. To implement something of this nature for our nation, it would cost literally ‘Trillions of Tax Dollars,’ and most likely this would end up being debt that our grandchildren would be forced to pay, not to mention much higher income tax rates.

Congressman Bentivolio believes there are better solutions. We can work with Medicare and Medicaid to cover the uninsurable. By working with the President on opening up insurance sales across state lines, this will drastically lower premium cost as now the companies are forced to “bid, to earn your business.”

The bottom line is, the president wants to rid our nation of Obamacare, the congressman wants to rid our nation of Obamacare, and the 11th District of Michigan wants to rid our nation of Obamacare.

Congressman Bentivolio has experience working across party lines to solve problems, and this is clearly a case of where “EXPERIENCE MATTERS” to solve a massive problem for our nation.

The Economy

President Trump’s economic plan for America appears to be working. The President has cut over 800 burdensome regulations, lowered corporate tax rates, and appealed to the largest corporations in this nation to “come home” and bring their jobs back with them.

Now we must bring many of these jobs to Michigan!

Congressman Bentivolio first introduced regulation slashing in a bill to Congress back in 2014. He knew then what must happen to create good jobs for Michigan. Today, the Congressman is ready, willing and able to fight for many of these jobs returning to our shores from overseas.

As of today, over 70 of the largest companies on the planet have announced that they are bringing millions of these jobs back and along with it, hundreds of billions of dollars in capital investments.

Michigan needs to be on the front line fighting for these investments for our future. Congressman Bentivolio has already proven he can do this and this is why “EXPERIENCE MATTERS” when electing our representatives to Washington.

Civil Liberties

 Congressman Bentivolio is committed to defending the Constitution and Bill of Rights each and every time.

Our civil rights are the cornerstone of our society.

The United States is unique in the history of world.

We are not unique because we have the most powerful military today or because we have the largest economy today. Many countries before us held those distinctions.

We are unique, however, because our Constitution enshrines the rights of the people as inalienable.  Our rights, the Constitution says, are not given by the Constitution, but come from God, come from our nature, and are to be protected by the Constitution.

Thus, the Constitution declares that every individual should have the same right.  Amendments 13, 14, 15, 19, and 26 rightly ended slavery, established equal protection under the law, and guaranteed everyone but aliens, felons, and minors the right to vote.

We have rights as individuals, not as groups.

We have the right as law-abiding citizens to be free from government invading our privacy.

We have the right to protest.

The freedom of speech is vital to our society.  Where speech is controlled, ideas are controlled, and thus, people are controlled.  Any free society must reject that.  To do anything else would lead us down a slippery slope toward tyranny.

As Congressman, I will oppose any measures to regulate speech on the Internet, or to license and regulate the behavior of Internet service providers (ISPs).

And I firmly oppose “equal time” regulations to control political speech.

The Constitution makes no distinction between what is good and bad protesting.  It makes no value judgments.   It is what it is, and I must stand by in defense of the freedom of speech, even for those people who I strongly oppose.

We have the right as individuals to engage in political speech free from restriction and intimidation.

We have the right as individuals to join a union, or refrain from doing so.

We have the right, as individuals, to our life, our liberty, and our property.

These are our natural rights, and we must defend them.  

As your Congressman my primary duty is to protect those God given rights, NOT take them away.

Our Republic

You know how to run your life better than the federal government does.

Yet the federal government has an incredible amount of influence over our lives, and it is only getting more intrusive.

The 10th Amendment of the US Constitution makes it clear that the Federal Government is not all-powerful.  It has limits.

In particular, any right that the Federal Government has not been explicitly granted is reserved for either the States or the people.

Our founders clarified this so that the Federal Government would not create so much inertia that we would lose the independent identities of the several States and so that we would not lose the ability to use the States as laboratories for legal experimentation.Yet, inertia has won out . . . for now.

Activist judges have artificially increased the supposed meaning of the Commerce Clause and other powers to create an unimaginable scope of federal control. Our founders would be appalled by the ever increasing size and scope of centralized interference in our lives.

As a Congressman, I will scrutinize legislation that abuses the commerce power or other federal powers.
I will seek to return more power to the States and to the people.
I will seek to return power to the states, and to the people, where it belongs.
I will do all possible to persuade the Senate to vet judicial candidates carefully to ensure they understand and appreciate the limits of federal power under the 10th Amendment.

America's Energy

Our nation’s energy discussion has at times been a bit contentious.

One thing that both sides can agree on is we all want clean air, we all want clean water, and we do not want to pollute our environment. Nobody wants that, including Congressman Bentivolio.

The Congressman believes in an “All of the Above” approach.

Over the past several years, our nation has made great strides in diversifying our energy usage. Several automanufacturers have all but perfected the use of battery power. Solar companies have made great strides in utilizing this source of power to heat homes and provide electricity. These are just a few of the means by which we can continue to grow into for clean energy as a nation in the future.

However, until we are able to utilize these means and others sufficiently, we must still use coal and oil to run our nation. The Congressman was in full agreement with the President when he opened up drilling expansion, and this has for the time in over a half-century allowed America to get out from under the punitive economic hammer of Saudi Arabia and other Mid-East nations.

The Congressman believes and will continue to support the exploration of alternative energy sources, but until we can (as a nation) fulfill all our needs, we still have to remain practical with what is available.