The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed our daily lives here in America, rather dramatically. Investments and savings evaporated for many households. Small business owners were forced to close their doors. People suddenly found themselves unemployed. And, governments will face budget shortfalls. It, without question, is a difficult time.

With so many challenges and the possibility of a “second wave,” it is more important than ever to have a representative who understands the needs of the 11th district. While a member of the 113th Congress, I advocated for small business owners and their employees, prioritizing actionable spending that helps average people. Part of this involved my pledge to oppose large, omnibus bills – that as we have seen (yet again) in the multi-trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Bills, which included nearly $25 million for the salaries and expenses of the US House of Representatives – add so much unnecessary spending, instead of allocating those funds to people who actually need them.



Just a few months back, America’s economy was thriving with unemployment at record lows. The global COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing shutdown dealt a severe blow, however, and resulted in many businesses closing their doors. As time went by, the financial hardship this caused unfortunately led many to layoff hard-working employees or even go out of business. There’s no mistaking it, many Americans are in a hard spot, which is why it is all the more important to have a representative who understand the needs of the small business community.

I have passed multiple pieces of legislation with 100% bipartisan support, advocating for small business owners, their employees, and everyday Michiganders – receiving the “Guardian of Small Business Award” from the National Federation of Independent Business and the “Hero of Mainstreet” label from National Retail Federation.

I support President Trump’s Economic Plan for America and, without question, will strive to bring jobs back to Michigan, which includes manufacturing. However, looking beyond that, I believe we can also rebrand our state as a hub for innovation and new business.

We can rebuild our economy together, making it stronger and more diverse than ever before.



To better provide for the needs of Michiganders and people across the country, we need to look at reforming an overly complicated, burdensome tax system. Americans spend billions in compliance, while a select few manage to exploit loop holes.

We need and deserve change!

I will advocate common sense, practical solutions that simplify the tax process for the people of Michigan’s 11th Congressional District, not special interest groups or ideologs.

I am committed to lowering the national debt and cutting wasteful government spending, having singed the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge,” thereby opposing any and all tax increases, and have received the “Taxpayers’ Friend Award” from the National Taxpayers Union. I oppose labyrinthine, omnibus bills that funnel taxpayer money to political cronies.

While previously serving on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, I received a 100% score on cutting wasteful spending from the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste.



 I strongly believe in protecting the sanctity of life, from conception till natural death. Every life is valuable and matters. As such, I am proud to have consistently been endorsed by Right to Life Michigan and am a life-long member. I stood up for the protection of unborn, bringing light to the horrors of Kermit Gosnell on the House floor. I support adoption and foster care programs, along with helping women in need through crisis pregnancy centers.

Likewise, I believe more can be done to combat human trafficking and domestic abuse both in our state and country as a whole.



Having previously served in Vietnam and Iraq, I fully believe that America must remain strong and participatory in world affairs. However, that does not mean recklessly involving ourselves in every conceivable matter. The limits of “nation building” are well known. That being said, we cannot simply isolate ourselves. What happens over there, does quite often matter over here. And, regardless of want, threats from state and non-state actors will continue to emerge.

So, I therefore believe that we should aim for a foreign policy that emphasizes a basic need, that of security, while cooperating with our allies. Existing relations can be strengthened and new ones created, because we are not alone in our desire for a more peaceful world, in which basic human rights and freedoms are protected.

The case for preserving security is a domestic issue as well.

Our borders, without question, must be secured. Smuggling and human trafficking are real problems that need to be addressed. All too often though, many use illegal immigration and other such matters to sow division. Ignoring criminal activity and leveraging a humanitarian crisis for political gain is something that I simply will not accept. In that vein, I support President Trump’s current enforcement strategy, including a border wall, and believe we need to do more to enforce our existing immigration laws. Most Americans, myself included, are pro-legal immigration, we simply want the same standards applied to those entering the country as it is with law-abiding citizens.



As a gun owner, military veteran, and outdoorsman, I strongly believe in the Second Amendment.

I previously served as marksmanship instructor and master gunner for an artillery battalion of the Michigan National Guard. And, as your representative in Washington, I will defend our collective right to bear arms. Americans should be able to protect their family, property, and freedom. As such, I am opposed to so-called “Red Flag Laws,” but also do understand this fight will need to be had at the state and local levels. That being said, the government has no right to infringe upon your gun ownership without due process.



So much of what you or I do today is monitored. Our data, in essence, has become something of a valuable commodity to business and government alike. While recognizing some benefits here, a tremendous potential for abuse nonetheless remains a serious concern—something we have already seen in regards to SOPA, PIPA, and the PATRIOT Act.

I strongly believe in an individual’s right to privacy and due process. As such, I introduced the Safe and Secure Federal Websites Act – that would prevent the federal government from deploying new websites that don’t adequately protect personal data. It received a record 126 co-sponsors and, as your Congressman, I will again continue to protect your very basic, but often overlooked privacy rights.