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“The problem with immigration is the Democrats want their votes and the Republicans want their cheap labor.”  Rep. Bentivolio, March 2013, 113th Congress.

(FACT:  The above quote was first stated by Congressman Kerry Bentivolio in March 2013 and is now a favorite statement made by Sean Hannity, and others in the Main Stream media.  Congressman Kerry Bentivolio’s statement applies as much today as it did in March 2013 after he took office for the first time!)

“As a member of the House Congressional Oversight and Government Reform committee Rep. Bentivolio visited our northern and southern borders, toured Eloy Prison where those caught entering our country illegally are held.  He visited and spoke with law enforcement and government leaders in three Central American countries. He saw it all.  What especially upset him was the number of illegals held at Eloy Prison, AZ who came from Afghanistan, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries.”  OGR Staffer, 2014   

borders2002Any immigration reform must begin with securing the border and stopping the flow of those who are coming into this country illegally.

A nation must be able to secure its borders if it is to be protected against those who want to do it harm.  This is especially true in the age of terrorism.
The threats of cross-border criminal organizations are real and even without such threats, the lack of respect for our laws from those entering illegally is not acceptable.
We should offer no amnesty to illegal immigrants, which amounts to condoning illegality.
Crucially, no taxpayer-funded programs should be available to non-citizens.  It is immoral that American citizens are compelled to subsidize welfare for non-citizens, and it is this incentive most of all that encourages people to come here illegally.
We should allow legal immigration to the degree that our security is not compromised.
More citizens means more productive members of society, more producers, more consumers, more competition.  That is a healthy thing.
It means more people from other countries discovering our tremendous prosperity brought on by our tradition of freedom, and spreading the message to those back home.  This too is a healthy thing.
But we should not condone illegality, we should not require taxpayers to pay for the welfare of illegal aliens, and we should never allow our national security to be compromised by open borders.


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