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Energy Independence


oilAmericans are being hit at the pump and American businesses are hurting when they pay their energy bills.  This is a drain on our economy that we cannot allow to continue.
America needs an all-of-the-above energy policy.
I will work tirelessly in Congress for affordable energy by encouraging freedom, choice, and competition.  I embrace all forms of energy, but I will not support taxpayer-funded pet projects like the Solyndra subsidy.
Our country has vast oil reserves. Prohibiting safe drilling at home causes a massive trade deficit and places our country at risk as we become more dependent on oil from nations that are not necessarily in line with our values.
Opening up more public land and allowing more permits to companies that will responsibly drill for new reservoirs of oil in the United States will lower gas prices.  The results would be dramatic: it would spur our economy, and make us more secure.
My liberal opponent says, “We can and we will out-innovate our global competitors with strong federal leadership and support.”
Federal “leadership” is a way of saying, tax dollars will be given out to the most politically-connected businesses. 
The best course for energy independence is to cut the red tape and let everyone compete on an equal playing field to deliver the most energy for the lowest price for all.
Pollution should be dealt with as a property crime, not enshrined and protected by law via “pay to pollute” schemes like Cap and Trade.


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