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econsolutions“Investment goes where it is welcome and stays were it is appreciated.”  Rep. Bentivolio, March 2013

“When it comes to the market place, coonsumer sovereignty reigns supreme, not the government.” Rep. Bentivolio, April 2013.

NOTE;  In Spring 2014,  Rep. Bentivolio held the first official IN DISTRICT (Plymonth, Michigan) Congressional sub-committee hearing on federal regulation overreach and the effect it has on small business.

Our Country needs to put of a big sign that reads, “Open for Business!” . . . and we need to mean it.  It takes a free society to be prosperous and we need to have the courage to reclaim that free society.

Problem: Bureaucracy and Over-Regulation Limit Innovation and Investment
Solution: Cut the Bureaucracy and Regulations to allow American innovation will get us out of this recession.  We all know that a Washington bureaucrat won’t pick the next Henry Ford or Steve Jobs.  We can encourage entrepreneurs by leveling the playing field through the tax code and getting rid of needless regulations that have small business owners spending more time with an accountant or a lawyer than with their customers.
Problem: High Unemployment
Solution: We need to cut taxes and/or Reform our Tax system now.  No more kicking the can down the road!  Our high taxes make it cheaper to do business in foreign countries at times.  Along with cutting regulations, we can make the business environment in the U.S. more competitive by cutting taxes.  We must have tax reform that makes the tax code flatter, fairer, simpler, and smaller.  Business shouldn’t come down to who has the biggest lobbying budget.
Problem: Crony Capitalism Hurts Job-Creating Small and Midsized Businesses
Solution: When government picks winners and losers, giving subsidies to a few select companies, every other person and business pays the difference.  Government bureaucrats should not be allowed to gamble our money on their friends’ businesses.  That is exactly what the current administration did with Solyndra, and it cost taxpayers more than five hundred million dollars.
Too many politicians are bought and sold in this way.  It rarely produces a benefit for our society as a whole.  When we treat all of our businesses the same, we encourage success that is based on results–not government paybacks.

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