(Milford, Michigan. July 16, 2020) – Bentivolio Emerges as Frontrunner in Michigan CD-11 Republican Primary Based on Recent Poll

A recent poll of the 11th District conducted this week shows ​former Congressman Kerry Bentivolio, who is running for a 2nd term, in the lead​. He and his team are outperforming the other candidates because their message of freedom and limited government resonates with the true patriots of Michigan. The campaign is bolstered by Bentivolio’s record, in the 113th Congress, of being one of the most effective freshman congressmen in recorded history according to the House Historian. Bentivolio Action for Victory Team is a strong army of dedicated and skilled activists committed to seeing Bentivolio re-elected by winning in both August and November.

See results below:

  • 1 Kerry Bentivolio: 134 responses; 23.0%
  • 4 Whittney Williams: 33 responses; 6.0%
  • 5 Frank Acosta: 17 responses; 3.0%
  • 3 Eric Esshaki: 53 responses; 9.0%
  • 2 Carmelita Greco: 129 responses; 22.0% 6 Undecided: 228 responses; 38.0%

Kerry is the only candidate in the 11th​ District who has won against Haley Stevens in a debate and will be able to step into Washington and hit the ground running on Day 01. He understands why we must continue to preserve our rights and freedoms afforded us by the US Constitution. He has already proudly and honorably fought for the American people through his years in the military and on the floor of Congress.

Congressman Kerry Bentivolio is a distinguished and honored combat veteran in the United States Army and Army National Guard, having served in both Vietnam and Iraq. Congressman Bentivolio was rated as one of the Most Transparent congressmen, scoring 100% for cutting government waste. Additionally, he was one of the most successful first-term congressman, as referenced and recognized in the Congressional Record, 12/10/2014, 113th Congress, Vol. 160, No. 150, passing three bills with 100% bi-partisan support and held an average 93% Republican platform voting record. Congressman Bentivolio’s district office also earned two Constituent Service awards for serving the people of Michigan’s 11th Congressional ​District.

Bentivolio Leading in 11

Poll Report for Michigan CD11