(LANSING, Michigan. April 21, 2020) –Bentivolio Doubles Down and Gets It Done!
They had about 700 signatures to go when the stay-at-home order was issued, with only essential jobs and activities allowed. Although government activities including gaining signatures was considered essential, the stay-at-home order meant that the usual and most successful means of getting signatures: door knocking and standing outside public offices would not be happening. “We got creative. My team doubled-down, thought outside the box,” said Bentivolio, “and we got it done!Just like we’ll do again in DC”Team Bentivolio rallied together and added over 1300 signatures during the unprecedented shutdown of Michigan, by making phone calls, mailing petitions, setting up safe, secure porches to collect signatures, following physical distancing protocols, washing hands, providing new pens, disinfecting all supplies. “Our team did it right. We followed the documented guidelines and protocols, ensuring safety for all,” said Kristin Lee, Co-Campaign Manager. They even gave away 1000s of masks, regardless whether folks signed or not. Emily Bauman, Co-Campaign Manager added, “We did not need a judge to step in at the last minute to make it happen for us.”Kerry Bentivolio got the signatures he needed and is on the Primary Ballot for August 4th, representing the 11th Congressional District for the Republican Party as the ONLY qualified candidate to take the seat back from Haley Stevens.Congressman Bentivolilo’s previous work in the 113th Congress (2013-2015) gives him the advantage to hit the ground running from day 1, a statement no other Republican candidate can offer.Congressman Bentivolio is ready to focus on the issues that matter to the constituents in the 11th Congressional District.He will help to:•Bring Manufacturing BACK to the US and BACK to Michigan!•Secure the borders•Help small businesses get back on their feet
•Preserve the sanctity of life•Support Single Issue Bills Act—Reduce gov’t waste and overreach•Support the Read the Bills Act—so we all know what is in it before anyone votesKerry has the Experience, Trust & Effectiveness already PROVEN in Washington to work for Michigan.Congressman Kerry Bentivolio is a distinguished and honored combat veteran in the United States Army and Army National Guard, having served in the Vietnam and Iraq wars. He served as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives in the 113th Congress, Jan 2013 –Jan 2015, from Michigan’s 11th district. Congressman Bentivolio was rated 2nd Most Transparent congressman, scoring 100% for cutting government waste. Bentivolio was one of the most successful 1st term congressman as referenced and recognized in the Congressional Record, 12/10/2014, 113th Congress Vol 160, No. 150, passing 3 bills with 100% bi-partisan support and held an average 93% Republican platform voting record.His district office earned two Constituent Service awards for serving the Michigan 11th Congressional district.