Progressive, liberal Democrat, supporter of Roe v. Wade and a socialist agenda, Haley Stevens, currently holds the MI-11 Congressional Seat, and in her own words, ‘has got to go!’

Kerry Bentivolio, having served in Vietnam, Operation Iraqi Freedom and the 113th Congress, passed three Bills with 100% bi-partisan support, including the Safe and Secure Websites Act with 126 Co-Sponsors, scored 100% for cutting government waste, rated 2nd most transparent member of Congress and earned multiple awards, including ‘Guardian of Small Business’ (National Federation of Independent Business), ‘Taxpayers Friend’ (National Taxpayers Union) and two constituent awards for serving Michigan’s 11 District .

He introduced 20 pieces of legislation by listening to his constituents, spoke out, passionately
and eloquently, against Kermit Gosnell , and is the only qualified candidate in the 11 District,
who will be able to step into Washington and hit the ground running, to continue his efforts to maintain our liberties. Kerry already has a proven record that he understands the difference between state and federal powers and what a US Congressman needs to do to fight to keep our rights and not take them away.

Kerry understands why we must continue to preserve our rights and freedoms afforded us by the US Constitution. He has already proudly and honorably fought for the American people through his years in his Army uniform and on the floor of Congress.

In this world of COVID-19 and George Soros, we recognize that it will take more than money to defeat Haley Stevens. Plus, Kerry has already faced Haley in a debate and won.

With the strength of the Bentivolio Action for Victory campaign team, we have a ‘nothing will stop us’ mindset. We are putting in the hard work to defeat Haley Stevens through grass roots initiatives, boots on the ground and an army of support. We are all about ACTION.

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