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budgetAs Congressman, Kerry Bentivolio will continue to be a passionate leader in the fight to balance the budget—and save future generations from a crisis they had no part in making.  Congressman Bentivolio has a proven record of accomplishment during his two years as our representative.  NO MORE KICKING THE CAN DOWN THE ROAD!
For the first time in our history, our children and grandchildren may be worse off than we are.
And it is largely because they will be forced to pay back our immense national debt.
Our debt crisis is probably the most pressing issue that our nation faces.
Our debt is so large that our whole country could work for an entire year and contribute every penny to pay it down–and we still wouldn’t get rid of it.
The national debt is approaching $16 trillion dollars as of this writing.  That’s over $50,000 for every man, woman, and child, $140,000 for every taxpayer (source:
The situation is getting worse, not better.
Our country’s debt was not something that happened overnight.  It stems from decades of failed leadership from both sides of the aisle.
The Republican Party was once the party of less government.  Their actions in recent years is contrary to republican principles. BOTH PARTIES are to blame for our predicament.  We cannot have too many champions in the fight to remove government wasteful and excessive spending.  My voting record in the 113th Congress, available on this website under Bills sponsored proves my dedication to cut and balance our national budget.  Your help is needed and together we can demand a balanced budget.  It is time we sent a message to Congress!
We can no longer afford to play “kick the can.”
Sooner or later, the bills will come due.  The longer we postpone the inevitable, the worse it will be.
We need to reform the way we spend money in order to avoid a crisis similar to that which Europe is currently experiencing.
We can do this in such a way that we honor our commitment to our seniors: by cutting waste elsewhere first; by reforming in a gradual manner; by protecting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid fund from being looted by other government programs.
But we cannot do nothing; we cannot avoid difficult choices for political gain.  Together, we can make government accountable and hold their feet to the fire!
The debt crisis facing the United States is one of the most preventable calamities that our nation has ever faced.
To force the career politicians to finally act, I strongly support a Balanced Budget Amendment and have and will continue to co-sponsor such an amendment.

We need courageous action, and we’ve gotten too little.  Together we can do this!