There is no longer the question of “is Capitol Hill corrupt?” The only question now is, “how deep does the corruption go?” Congressman Bentivolio feels that one has to ask these questions because we still have candidates willing to spend millions of their own money to purchase a two-year seat in Congress that pays only a fraction of what they’re investing to win the seat. Why?


Congressman Bentivolio is not a multi-millionaire who is purchasing his seat in Congress. Kerry Bentivolio is a former educator, small business owner, and a soldier who proudly served his nation for decades and did so in two-wars on the front lines.


The elections of 2016 were nothing short of a revolution against the ‘status-quo’ on Capitol Hill. The American people want “business as usual” changed in this nation. Congressman Bentivolio is that change. As a soldier in the United States Army, Congressman Bentivolio lives by the code of; “honor, integrity, and duty” and he has done so for over 40-years.


As a lifelong resident of Michigan, Congressman Bentivolio knows the needs and desires of his fellow citizens. The Congressman is ready, willing, and able to work with President Trump in his effort to bring millions of good-paying jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars in investments back to the United States and Michigan.


The Congressman still calls Milford home with his wife Karen of 41-years, their two adult children, and four grandchildren.