I Walk the Talk

Tired of Republicans and Democrats, political correctness, government waste and left and right cronyism, government phony unemployment figures, VA waiting lists (if you can even make an appointment), the Federal Reserve money printing schemes, government dictated lesson plans for our schools, political elite arrogance – where they have one set of rules and we little folks have another set, cop killers and gun confiscation threats, the spoiled ‘me’ generation, Obama’s golf, robotic party hacks, the misrepresentation of people like Martin Luther King, illegal immigration, voting fraud, absence of God in society, and the deaf and dumb main stream media who lie, misrepresent, or tell half-truths (the loss of true journalism in exchange for political propaganda) and hypocritical Hollywood, and last but the least – the hope a political wanker will save us from ourselves? And yes, the list goes on.

Welcome to the intelligent middle class or what remains of US; overtaxed, ignored and abused, frustrated and voiceless.
I went to Congress in 2013 owing no IOUs or political favors to pay back in exchange for past support. The local establishment didn’t like it.

During my time in the 113th Congress most every Bill I introduced came from a constituent-not lobbyists! This is a fact and my record of Bills sponsored and co-sponsored attest to that fact (they are listed on this website). It was about time we had a voice. I walked the talk. The local establishment didn’t like it.

I passed 3 pieces of legislation as a freshman member of Congress with 100% bi-partisan support (almost an unheard of accomplishment in a dysfunctional Congress) and a House of Representatives historian said I was the “most effective and successful freshman congressman in recent memory.” It is a fact and quoted in the Congressional Record, October 2014. I walked the talk and the local establishment didn’t like it.

I was rated the “most transparent” member of the freshman class and tied for second place out of 435 members of Congress because I believe you deserve a representative who is transparent and because I believe in leadership by example. I walked the talk and the local establishment didn’t like it.

I started a constituent outreach program using a mobile congressional office, Saturday office hours and a quality control measure to ensure people who contacted our congressional office received a response within 2 weeks. I believed your voice needed to be heard. We won two constituent awards for our efforts. I walked the talk and the establishment didn’t like it.

In 2014, as a member of the Oversight and Government Reform (OGR) committee, Representative Mica (R-FL), chairman of a sub-committee and I held the first ever official hearing in our district (Plymouth, Michigan) on EPA regulatory over-reach. It was the first ever official committee hearing in our district. I walk the talk and the local establishment didn’t like it.

I visited our northern and southern borders and three central American countries with the OGR committee to investigate illegals entering our country, the illegal drug trade, and human slavery issues. I went into the trenches to see for myself as your representative to find the truth – not for political points. The answers I found would surprise you. I walk the talk. The local establishment didn’t like it.

I served honorably as a soldier in both Vietnam and Iraq because I believed in protecting American Homes while my opponent was “foreclosing on American Homes.” I was the only member of Congress who served in both Vietnam and Iraq. I believe in America and fought for her and now I want her back. I walked the talk and the local establishment didn’t like it.

I introduced “Read the Bills Act” as a freshman member of Congress because I do not believe in voting for or signing on to something I did not read. It was important to me because we regular folks must live with the decisions of Congress. I walked the talk because I believed you, the voter, deserved disclosure, not foreclosure. I walked the talk and the local establishment didn’t like it.

During my time as a Congressman, Democrats protested outside my district office on an issue. They were invited to come in our office, use the restroom, obtain a bottle of water or get a coffee and make an appointment to see me at a later date. My office was instructed to NEVER turn anyone away. People have a right to peacefully protest for a “redress of grievances.” It is in the US Constitution Bill of Rights. Everyone deserves a voice and you never know where a good idea may come. All were welcome. I walked the talk and the establishment didn’t like it.

I won the top award from the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (100% rating). Only eight members of the House, out of 435, earned that rating. I walked the talk and the establishment didn’t like it.

In 2012-13, I spoke out about training our youth and veterans in the trades and manufacturing areas. Not everyone wants or should go to college. I introduced a Bill that permits veterans to receive G.I. Bill educational benefits for this purpose. It is a matter of record and the Bill is listed on this website. It is interesting our State Governor is now talking about this very issue. I walk the talk and the establishment didn’t like it.

If you take the time to compare my Congressional report card with my opponent’s. There is only one way to vote this November. There is only ONE choice! It is time we sent a message to Washington, D. C. that we regular folks deserve better. We regular folks pick our representatives not the political elite! It is time to make Washington, D. C. listen!

There are Battles Worth Fighting and again I am standing up to fight for what is right for America. It is time we sent a message to the establishment, to demand an end to the corruption and lack of transparency, to end wasteful government spending and regulatory supremacy. If you are tired of the status quo, the lies and distortions of truth, the establishment picking winners and losers then it is time to step up and be counted! It is time to WALK THE TALK! I am asking for your support, your vote, and trust you will volunteer in our efforts or donate to our fight for what is Right for America.

Honorable Kerry Bentivolio
Member of the 113th Congress (2013-2015)

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