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FACT: Congressman Kerry Bentivolio went to the 113th Congress owing no favors or IOUs to anyone for past political office.  FACT: Congressman Kerry Bentivolio passed three bills in his short two years with 100% bi-partisan support and maintained one of the highest Conservative Ratings of 93% overall. FACT: Congressman Kerry Bentivolio earned a 100% Rating from the Citizen’s Council Against Government Waste (only 8 members, out of 435, earned that distinction and he was on the top of the list!)   FACT:  A House historian said he was the “Most effective and successful (first term) congressman in recent memory (Ref:  Congressional Record, Oct 2014). That is how it is done! SUPPORT TRUTH!  SUPPORT AND WALK THE TALK with Congressman Kerry Bentivolio, HE IS ONE OF US!




Effective  and Proven Representative 

Vote to Bring Back Kerry as Congressman of Michigan’ 11th District 


The Dog is Smiling

I purchased our small hobby farm 30 years ago to raise chickens, ducks, geese and yes (eventually added Reindeer). We have a small Honey Bee apiary, numerous apple trees for making and canning apple sauce, a pond in our front yard and a large veggie garden. My wife...

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For Them Who Made It All Matter

When one of our Michigan Army National Guard units deployed for the first time to Iraq one of our soldiers was killed by a sniper.  Stationed here at home my unit commander called me and asked if I would escort our fallen soldier to his home in Ovid, Michigan, from...

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